ACTIVITIES – Leisure Getaway



  1. Ocean Adventure – the only open water marine park in Southeast Asia famous for its sea lion show and whale encounter program


  1. Zoobic Safari – the only tiger safari in the Philippines with 11 major wildlife adventures in its 50-hectare heavily forested area, featuring close encounters with tigers and ostriches, snakes and crocodiles, and other wildlife


  1. Tree Top – a unique and thrilling experience of canopy tours and tree drop adventures from 100 feet above the ground.


  1. Jest Camp Adventure and Bird Park – the ultimate sky adventure at Subic Bay! Look up in awe as we bring 100 birds on stage in an animal show like you have never seen before.


  1. Funtastic Subic Adventure Park – a new Fun-Educational Park featuring unique activities such as Mirror Maze, Trick Art and 3D Enchanted Forest Explore our Science Zone, Dark Room and Ames Room and more.


  1. Moonbay Marina Waterpark/Wavepool – the largest wavepool in Zambales comprising of 3,000 sqm. Swimming area and raging river.


  1. Pamulaklakin Village – a unique attraction where native guides introduce tourists to the well preserved environment and indigenous culture of their village, including the use of herbal cures.


  1. Triboa Mangrove Park – an unspoiled reservoir of mangrove trees and shrubs.


  1. El Kabayo Riding Stable– an exciting escape on horseback.


  1. All Hands Beach All Hands Beach


  1. Kamana Sanctuary


  1. Subic Park walking


  1. Old West Gate


  1. Bougeinvilla Viewing


  1. Duty-free shopping & dining-shopping districts, restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as banks, cinemas and other commercial areas within easy reach



・Marinas for sailing, sunset cruises and island hopping

・Beaches for a taste of sand, sun and sea

・Dive suites for a glimpse of colourful marine life, as well as old Spanish

・Vessels, and WWll Japanese and American ship wrecks

・Water sports facilities for parasailing, flyboarding, wind-surfing, jet skiing, canoeing/kayaking and snorkelling


~An Avian spectacle of species and colors~


・Declared in 2009 by the Philippine Department of Tourism as one of the country’s 13 bird-watching sites

・11 fascinating bird-watching sites, including Hill 394, Nabasan area, Triboa & Bee-eater Colony.

・A remarkable number (48 recorded) of bird species, accounting for 15% of all bird species in the Philippines.



・Spanish Gate, an original Hispanic structure that was used as jail gates during the Spanish and American eras

・San Roque Chapel, the oldest chapel in Freeport named after San Roque from Segovia, Spain; built in 1800s for Spanish sailors and Filipino converts to Christianity.

・Triboa Bay, a row of luxury villas

・Olongapo Museum, a display of the city’s history and culture

・Magellan’s Landing Museum, an interesting collection of maritime artifacts from pre-Hispanic to Hispanic periods and WWII.

・Grande Island Resort, formerly Fort Wint where American coastal artillery training was conducted, now a 42-hectare tourist hideaway, offering water sports, adventure tours and leisure activities plus remnants of its past as a US fortress